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z particles

This theory assumes that space consists of zero space-time points, called z-spots, embedded in time. The z particles connect the zero time-rhythm at z-spots with the surrounding local time-rhythm.

Figure 1: time-rhythm related to a z particle.

If the time-rhythm distribution within z-particles were the natural time-rhythm distribution (or time-charge), then the assumption with respect to time conservation would be violated. In that case a volume with time slower than universal time-rhythm TR-i would have emerged, which would disturb the equilibrium between volumes with slow time and volumes with fast time.

The assumption of time conservation implies that time cannot be created or destroyed. The reference is the initial universal time-rhythm.

A volume with a lower time-rhythm than the initial universal time-rhythm generates a loss of time. Time conservation means that such volume with a reduced time-rhythm cannot exist without the existence of another volume with such an increased time-rhythm that the total of 'lost' and 'won' time-rhythm is zero. This is demonstrated by the picture in on this page.