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Electric charge and mass

In 'ETT formulas' the definitions are given of time-charge, time-mass, time-field strength and other new time-rhythm-based physical quantities.

- Time-charge TQ is the product of time-rhythm and distance: TQ = TR.r

- Time-mass TM the integral of the relative time-rhythm over a distance: TM = integral TR.dr

- Time-field-strength FSr is the fractional time-rhythm difference per unit of distance: FS = dTR/dr

Next, in 'ETT formulas' the constants are derived that connect the newly introduced physical quantities with the known physical quantities such as electric charge, mass electric field-strength and gravitational field strength.

For the purpose of understanding time-rhythm, it is noted that time-rhythm can be measured in Volts. The time-rhythm difference within a z-particle or a t- particle (at their centers time stands still) is close to one beat per second, which can be expressed as ~ 2.10^23 Volt.

There is no fundamental difference between electric charge and mass as both are expressions of time-rhythm differences over distances. The practical difference is that electric charge expresses large time-thythm differences on short distances where mass expresses small time-rhythm differences on large distances.